Souvenir II, Opsis Architecture

Souvenir II, model

Souvenir II, model

model by Jim Kalvelage, partner/Opsis Architecture
model by Jim Kalvelage, partner/Opsis Architecture

Souvenir is:

  • a 10 by 24 foot mobile architecture created in Sweden in 2012/2013 with carpenter Gian Monti.
  • a meeting place in your community.
  • an interactive sculptural intervention purposed for indoor and outdoor urban spaces, museums, galleries, and large theater spaces and studios.
  • a site for dance performances, education and dialogue.
  • the possibility for long-term, sustainable programming in Portland and abroad.

We have already begun the process of creating a duplicate of Souvenir in Portland, Oregon. Through a partnership with Opsis Architecture we plan to refine the original design with an increased focus on sustainability and weatherproofing. The final structure will be assembled and tested at an outdoor site with audiences in Portland this August before being shipped to New York City for performances on Governor’s Island (in collaboration with the Lower Manhatten Culture Council and Baryshnikov Arts Center).

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