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Performance and photo exhibition, (ca. 1 hour, performed as a durational work of up to 6 hours or in short sections (ca. 20 min.) with breaks depending on the context)


Performed at Galleri Molekyl (Malmö performance and exhibition), ÖSKG/Tjörnedala Konsthall (Baskemölla), Biograf Panora (Malmö), Wanås Konst (Knislinge), Kulturhuset Hässleholm, and MARC Konstrundan (Kivik)


“Scratch” is an ongoing collaboration between Luis Alberto Rodriguez (photographer), Rachel Tess (choreographer/dancer), and Uli Ruchlinski (sound/lighting designer). Using photography as a starting point the artists create a series of 13 photographs that activate everyday objects repurposed in specific locations using Tess as the subject. A metal foil blanket becomes armor for a thrashing rooftop warrior. Plastic wrap creates a mummified figure moving through a storm. A body curls around a pile of books like a serpent in a darkened room. These photographic documents are then re-imagined as the end of a solo performance process, a final document for a performance not yet created. Using the photos as separate starting points Tess distills the specific qualities of each image to create 13 short performances to be performed together or separately. 


What type of associations and fictions arise in the translation between captured image and performance? How would the photos sound? How does the recognizable turn unrecognizable? How do the documents speak to time and place and how do we translate this tacit material into movement?

Choreographer/Performer: Rachel Tess
Photographer/choreographic assistant: Luis Alberto Rodriguez
Lighting and sound: Uli Ruchlinski

Voice Coach: Anna Kesar

Producer and Agent: Ian Arnold (Catalyst TCM)


The performance was created with support from Konstnärsnamden and Kulturrådet. 

​Photo Credits Scratch

All photos Luis Alberto Rodriguez

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