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Souvenir on Governors Island

Anna and Kenneth

The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, LMCC, is pleased to host Rachel Tess for a residency to develop her project Souvenir at St. Cornelius Chapel at Governors Island.

Tess’ Souvenir is a project that investigates the relationships between architecture and choreography and choreographer and audience. The work more specifically explores the concept of a mobile architecture versus pre-existing institutional structures and how this design may impact the making and viewing of performance. In Souvenir, audiences are intended to explicitly experience the space, frame, bodies, and movement as simultaneously separate, related, and interactive elements.

During Tess’ 2014 residency, audiences will have access to both the studio process through Open Studios featuring in-process showings, and the design process through Open Hours for Souvenir Dialogue a small exhibition of documentation and ephemera related to the project.

Souvenir is co-commissioned by LMCC and BAC, with generous support provided by Princess Grace Foundation-USA.

Souvenir was developed, in part, during a Princess Grace Foundation-USA Work-in-Progress Residency at Baryshnikov Arts Center. Souvenir at LMCC in September, 2014 is made possible with a stipend for International projects from the Swedish Arts Council. Souvenir is also made possible by the generous supporters of Rachel Tess Dance (501c3 non-profit). Exhibition materials for Souvenir are on loan from the Wanås Foundation in Sweden. Accommodations provided by the Millenium Hilton.

Choreography and conception by Rachel Tess
Performers: Kenneth Bruun Carlson and Anna Pehrsson
Lighting design: Michael Mazzola
Re-design of Souvenir II: Opsis Architecture
Design: Gian Monti
Lead carpenters: Tim Sampson and Mark Morton

Additional Exhibition times and showings are as follows:

-Sunday, Sept. 21st 12-4pm exhibition open,
4pm showing (ca. 60 min.)

-Tuesday, Sept. 23rd 12-4pm exhibition open,
4pm showing (ca. 60 min.)

-Wednesday, Sept. 24th 12-4pm exhibition open

-Thursday, Sept. 25th 12-4pm exhibition open,
4pm showing (ca 60 min.)

-Friday, Sept. 26th 12-4pm exhibition open

-Saturday, Sept. 27th 12-4pm exhibition open,
4pm showing (ca. 60 min.)

-Sunday, Sept. 28th 12-4pm exhibition open,
4pm showing (ca. 60 min.)

All showings are free to the public

photo by MIchael Mazzola
photo by MIchael Mazzola

Wanås Showings


Kenneth + Rachel wanas

photos: Mattias Givell, Wanås Konst

We are only a couple of weeks away from Konstrundan at Wanås! Here are some images from the preview we did for the Wanås staff. Dancer Kenneth Bruun Carlson and I had a great time getting to know the site and we are looking forward to performing on the hour, every hour, 11-5pm for ten days beginning April 18th. Come and check it out.

Souvenir at Wanås

After a little over a week in residence at Wanås Konst dancer/collaborator Kenneth Bruun Carlson and I have created a 30-minute performance that can be seen during Konstrundan in the South of Sweden. We will be performing the piece inside of Souvenir from the 18th-27th of April. Peformances are every hour in accordance with Wanås opening hours, and visitors will have the chance to dialogue with the artists as well as check out the other exhibitions.   One of our favorite items from the last performances in New York City, a very shiny gold cloth, has made it’s way out into the sculpture park.

Wanås/Gold, dining room

Wanås/gold Rachel

Wanås/gold sculpture

Gold rock/Wanås


Photos: Kenneth Bruun Carlson


Souvenir x 3

Souvenir Wanås Konst    March, 2014

1798756_10151838374716841_1764395517_n     July, 2013

Souvenir, Löderup Skolan      May, 2013

Souvenir has been moved to three locations since 2013. It is currently in residence at Wanås Konst in the South of Sweden. It was built at Löderup’s Gamla Skolan in May, 2013 and traveled to NYC in July, 2013. I am currently in residence at Wanås Konst where the structure will be installed at two different sites. Dancer Kenneth Bruun Carlson and I are in the process of creating a performance inside of the structure. It is the fourth day of our residency and we are sorting through the extra parts of the structure that will inhabit a room next to the main gallery space.

Souvenir at Baryshnikov Arts Center NYC, 2013




Anna/Luis Souvenir

Anna/Luis Souvenir

Luis/Anna Souvenir

(photos courtesy of Michael Mazzola and Jeri Tess)

Before I begin to update you with photos of the rehearsal process at Wanås Konst next week, here is a look at the performances for Souvenir in NYC last year at Baryshnikov Art Center (BAC). Dancers Anna Pehrsson and Luis Rodriguez, and lighting designer Michael Mazzola traveled with me to New York for a one-month residency at BAC that included performances of a 50-minute duet inside of the structure as well as continued research and visits from artists, colleagues, friends, critics, and presenters. We are thrilled to return to NYC in September 2014 for Lower Manhattan Culture Council Programming on Governor’s Island.

Luis/Sam Souvenir


Anna/Gold Souvenir