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A performance for the dead of night

RACHEL, a performance for the dead of night is the first in part in a series of solos by and with choreographer Peter Mills. Rachel Tess, Gabriella Ax Tripsiani, Emma Tolander, Lyn Bentschik, Alexandra Tveit, Love Källman and PETER are a part of the series of solos for the dead of night, exploring existence in different places and parts of cities. 

RACHEL, a performance for the dead of night, is a 45-minute solo performed by Rachel Tess starting at 5.30am outside. It was first performed in 2016 at 1200 NW Naito Pkwy #650, Portland, OR 97209. Through Rachel’s interpretation of Peter’s performance score, Rachel and Peter explore being in the world when the world sleeps, through walking, exploring, moving, touching, listening, meditating, embodying and existing.

During the solo performance you are guided in silence to walk through the city. Stopping to spend time with and encounter the ‘earlier’ through a short performance in the dark.

This is a non-funded project, and we ask for a donation of $8.

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