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Pressure Fields stages different processes of becoming as abstract movements and examines Dance’s capacity to create new imaginaries in a world of crisis. Coexisting with theatrical smoke, and departing from liquefaction as an action plan, the dancing bodies activate dissolving forms in order to open up the spaces and possibilities that a systemic collapse might entail. Through pressure and release, a violet light and sound frequency activating the crownchakra, the piece seeps out into a poetic journey towards a coexistence between human, environment, bodies and things.

Choreography: Anna Pehrsson
With and by: Andrea Svensson, Rachel Tess and Anna Pehrsson

Light and photo: Thomas Zamolo
Music: Shida Shahabi and Hampus Norén
Costume: Linda Nurk
Dramaturge: Siegmar Zacharias
Rehearsal assistant: Agnieszka Sjökvist-Dlugoszewska

The piece is a coproduction with Weld, and founded by Stockholm City, The Swedish Arts Council, Skellefteå Municipality and The Swedish National Touring Company Productionresidency 2021. Earlier residencies: MDT and Hallen, Farsta.

Thank you: Anna Grip, Agnieszka Sjökvist-Dlugoszewska, Anna Efraimsson and Anna Koch.

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