Souvenir at Wanås

After a little over a week in residence at Wanås Konst dancer/collaborator Kenneth Bruun Carlson and I have created a 30-minute performance that can be seen during Konstrundan in the South of Sweden. We will be performing the piece inside of Souvenir from the 18th-27th of April. Peformances are every hour in accordance with Wanås opening hours, and visitors will have the chance to dialogue with the artists as well as check out the other exhibitions.   One of our favorite items from the last performances in New York City, a very shiny gold cloth, has made it’s way out into the sculpture park.

Wanås/Gold, dining room

Wanås/gold Rachel

Wanås/gold sculpture

Gold rock/Wanås


Photos: Kenneth Bruun Carlson


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