Souvenir x 3

Souvenir Wanås Konst    March, 2014

1798756_10151838374716841_1764395517_n     July, 2013

Souvenir, Löderup Skolan      May, 2013

Souvenir has been moved to three locations since 2013. It is currently in residence at Wanås Konst in the South of Sweden. It was built at Löderup’s Gamla Skolan in May, 2013 and traveled to NYC in July, 2013. I am currently in residence at Wanås Konst where the structure will be installed at two different sites. Dancer Kenneth Bruun Carlson and I are in the process of creating a performance inside of the structure. It is the fourth day of our residency and we are sorting through the extra parts of the structure that will inhabit a room next to the main gallery space.

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