Souvenir at Baryshnikov Arts Center NYC, 2013




Anna/Luis Souvenir

Anna/Luis Souvenir

Luis/Anna Souvenir

(photos courtesy of Michael Mazzola and Jeri Tess)

Before I begin to update you with photos of the rehearsal process at Wanås Konst next week, here is a look at the performances for Souvenir in NYC last year at Baryshnikov Art Center (BAC). Dancers Anna Pehrsson and Luis Rodriguez, and lighting designer Michael Mazzola traveled with me to New York for a one-month residency at BAC that included performances of a 50-minute duet inside of the structure as well as continued research and visits from artists, colleagues, friends, critics, and presenters. We are thrilled to return to NYC in September 2014 for Lower Manhattan Culture Council Programming on Governor’s Island.

Luis/Sam Souvenir


Anna/Gold Souvenir

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