Wanås May, 2014

Wanås Konst Dance Me Exhibition opens in the barn!

Souvenir at Wanås Konst

For short stop motion from the 45-minute score click below to download through Quicktime:
Kenneth Stamps
Kenneth Drums

In May, 2014 dancer Kenneth Bruun Carlson and I participated in the opening of the exhibition Dance Me at Wanås Konst by performing a 45-minute score/loop for two days. The exhibition included, Molly Haslund, Christian Jankowski, Tadashi Kawamata, Sigalit Landau, and Salla Tykkä.

The score was created so that the audience could walk in and out of the structure during the performance or stay for the entire thing until it looped back to the beginning. Since our first weeks at Wanås Kenneth and I were working with movement qualities, physical intensities, and the impact of macro and micro movement in close proximity to the audience. Tangentially, or perhaps as a byproduct of the schedule we created for ourselves we were also experiencing the effects of exhaustion and how that played upon the work.

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