Wanås April, 2014

Konstrundan (60 scheduled performances, 10 days)

Kenneth + Rachel wanas


How do we create a performance score that can be performed 6 times a day for 10 days during Konstrundan? What if people are coming to buy art/objects and not coming to experience performance?

 -In April dancer Kenneth Bruun Carlson and I created a 35-minute score, which we performed for ten days during Konstrundan. We met audiences of 1-20 people at a time. Meeting audiences during Konstrundan (an event created to highlight and boost the sales of visual artists in Österlen, especially the members of the Östra Skånes Konstärsgille) was an entirely different format than meeting audiences accustomed to seeing performance regularly. Throughout the ten days visitors came to Wanås as part of Konstrundan and had the possibility of seeing one of six shows per day. While some audience came specifically to see dance, the majority of our audience was attracted to Wanås because of the sculpture park and Konstrundan. Although many of the viewers were relatively inexperienced with performance they were open, and interested. We dialogued with them at length post performance through Souvenir Dialogue, an exhibition curated adjacent to the room Souvenir was installed in. Inside of the room were performance scores for the audience to practice as well as documentation (photographic and written), and materials for the audience to manipulate.



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